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A few words about ourselves

Our company, ÁTI-Sziget Ipari Szolgáltató Központ Kft. (ÁTI-SZIGET) - operating since March 2002 - bought land of 80 hectares including buildings on the territory of the former Csepel Automotive Works Ltd. This property can be found on the Csepel-Island, 12 km south of Budapest, between the city Szigetszentmiklós and the village Szigethalom.

Access is excellent. It can be approached via Halásztelek, Szigetszentmiklós or Dunaharaszti from Budapest. One can join the motorway M0 via each of the routes. The civil airport Budapest/Ferihegy lies 25 km from ÁTI-SZIGET while the Free Port Budapest (16 km) can be used for transportation on waterways.

The property can be easily accessed by public transport Ráckeve HÉV (light track) and Volán (bus) lines from Budapest.
The nearest railway stations of MÁV (Hungarian National Railways) are in Taksony and Soroksár.

Facilities (factory halls, office buildings, warehouses) of 190.000 m2 can be found on the 80 hectares land. A significant part already is utilised. There is production activity in several halls. We provide a full service industrial park and infrastructure for companies operating on this property.

Beyond ensuring the operation of the ÁTI-SZIGET and a further 18 current partners, our available infrastructural capacities enable the introduction of many activities, for example manufacturing technologies which need electrical energy, natural gas, drinking water, industrial water of significant volumes, telephone service and many others.


Advantages of the company ÁTI-SZIGET based on the above:

It lies near Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
Via the nearby motorway M0 the national road network is rapidly accessible.
Public transport: HÉV (Budapest-Ráckeve), Volán station. Its inter-city lines serve 22 towns or villages. It also has two suburban lines via Halásztelek and Szigetszentmiklós to the district XXI of Budapest.
There is a skilled labour force available.
Immediately available full energy and public utility services, an internal road network including land security service and maintenance, an entrance service and other services, too, as required.
The quick renovation of the existing properties according to requirements of the future tenants.
Establishment of green-field investments as the partner requires.
Logistics services from ÁTI-DEPO Rt. which is one of the biggest logistic companies of Hungary.

Public utilities

Electric current: own 120/10 kV transformer station, power: 24 MW. Our company supplies on cable network of 0,4 kV.
Natural gas: 3,600 m3/h. We have a pipe system.
Drink water: a full developed network. Our currently contracted volume: 1,000 m3/day.
Industry water: own wells with a capacity of 240 m3/h.
Sewage: with pressure pipes and pumping works transferred to the Tököl sewage treatment.
Rainwater: separated system network, with pipes and pumping works transferred to the RSD.
Road network: built roads and parking lots on the whole field of the company.
Entrance and reception service: field supervision and maintenance, security service.

Other services:
Phone and Internet connection
Meeting rooms to let
Environment protection
Engineering services
Facility management